This Corporate Man Lost 30% Of His Body Fat While Working 9-5

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Weight-Loss

In 8 months, Ross Wynne, a 26-year old candidate attorney went from 106kg to 70kg. Here’s how he did it…

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The Gain

As a youngster I was always well built, but never overweight. I was active with sport at school and led a very healthy lifestyle until I started university in 2001. The varsity lifestyle soon got to me. With all the parties, incessant drinking and unhealthy eating that goes along with student life, I packed on the kilos. For the next couple of years I continued my bad habits, consuming high-fat, high carbohydrate “convenience” meals on a daily basis and drinking five to six litres of beer at least three times a week. After I graduated and started working, I had even less time for exercise and my fast-food consumption increased.

The Change

One morning, while getting dressed for work, I noticed that a suit, which I’d purchased a mere three weeks before, was starting to look awfully tight. I was horrified and thought about my weight for most of that day. When I got home from work, I went through some photos of myself taken over the last seven years or so and was shocked to see how I‘d let myself go. I’d gained 25cm around my waistline, going from a slender 32 to a massive 42 inch waist; and from weighing 75 to 106kg with 42 percent body fat. That night I made the decision to change.

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The Strategy

The very next day I started using my gym membership that I’d been diligently paying every month without using. I researched nutrition and exercise and devised a low-carb eating plan, cutting out all alcohol, sweets and refined carbohydrates. I stuck to this diet strictly and trained six days a week for the first three months or so, alternating between high-intensity cardio and weights. All I needed to remind myself of my goal was to have a look at my “before” picture. I also drew on the experiences of others, especially previous winners of the Belly Off Club, for inspiration. Within four months I had lost 25kg and was still going strong.

The Result

When 2009 rolled in, I’d lost a total of 37kg, weighing in at 69kg with roughly 11 percent body fat. My current weight fluctuates between 69 and 71kg and my body fat sits between 9.5 and 11 percent.

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The Reward

Everybody is shocked when they see me and comment on how good I look. I feel more confident as well as energetic and focused at work. My weight loss has been a life-changing experience and has also inspired those around me.

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