After Experiencing Heart Problems, This Guy Changed His Life and Lost 65kgs

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Weight-Loss

After experiencing pain in his chest, Rikus Visser, knew he couldn’t continue on the path he was taking. Something had to change soon. This is how he made the decision to change his life around.

Height: 1.88m
Weight before: 180kg
Weight after: 115kg
Time to goal: 36 months

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The Gain

I was 
morbidly obese from a very young age. I was a good sportsman, but always justified to myself that I looked and felt just fine when I wasn’t. The real damage happened after school when I left to study at Stellenbosch. It became all about 
partying and eating the wrong things and with the lack of a balanced lifestyle my weight shot out of control. Before 
I knew it, I was clocking in at a morbidly obese 180 kilograms. I had lied to myself for years and justified why I was so big, but now there was no way I could justify the number on the scale.

The Change

I made the decision to change my life. I’m an avid golfer and it was one Sunday afternoon on the 17th hole that I got a terrible pain in my chest after 
a steep climb. It was 
a massive scare and 
I realised that if I didn’t do something about my weight I might die of a heart attack. A week before the incident I got engaged and I knew I had to shed weight in the 12 months that remained before the wedding.

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The Strategy

From the start I knew that it wasn’t going to be a quick fix, and I made a conscious decision not to follow any crash diets. I started working out in a buddy’s garage with just a few home gym machines and followed what I thought was a good balanced diet. 
I started seeing results immediately and then I challenged myself 
to lose three to four 
kilograms each week. 
My determination 
grew exponentially as 
I lost weight and soon 
I started working out 
in a gym with a 
personal trainer.

The Reward

I feel 
fantastic and I’m the 
fittest I have ever been. My health has improved in all aspects and I’m not embarrassed to go to the beach or the mall anymore. It’s also very rewarding to see that you have made an impression on others to get their bodies into shape. I feel fantastic and am totally addicted to exercise and the gym. I am continuing my weight loss journey and I am motivated to transform my body into a MH cover guy shape. I want to inspire others by telling my story. I want to tell others how much better I feel and that the journey to looking and feeling better is a mind shift. There is no medical or physical reason why you should stay obese.

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The Result

My total weight loss is 65 kilograms. My waist has dropped from a size 52 to a 38. I’m still a big guy, so I’m focusing now on increasing muscle mass and decreasing my body fat percentage.

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