This Guy Lost Weight And Beat Diabetes When He Started Cycling

by | Jun 2, 2011 | Weight-Loss

Samuel Mokoena fought back against a family history of diabetes

Name: Samuel Mokoena

Age: 26

Occupation: IT Auditor/ Consultant

Height: 1.76M

Time Required: 7 Months

Weight Before: 103kg

Weight After: 81kg

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The Gain: I was never in great shape while growing up. My cardiovascular fitness was shocking, even though I was active at school. I cycled to school every day and took part in hockey and other sports. But to no avail, so I accepted that as my fate for 25 odd years. When I arrived at varsity, I started leading an unhealthy lifestyle. I ate more than before, and I was not cycling or keeping active.

The Change: Two events motivated me to make some serious changes in my life. Firstly, I decided on New Year’s Day that I’d had enough of accepting things the way they were and I would not spend the rest of my life as an overweight person. Secondly, I have a history of diabetes in my family. If I didn’t do something about it, it was inevitable that I would get it too.

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The Strategy: I started to go to gym five days a week, but saw little in the way of results. Then I started doing some research. I was surprised to hear about the importance of heart rates and how to achieve the optimum weight-loss target. Even more important than the exercise is eating right. The rule of thumb – burn more than you consume. You can still eat the same amount, but it needs to be the right foods.

The Result: I am now just 81kg and lost over 22kg in seven months. I train five days a week and try to add a 30- minute cardio session daily. I alternate between weight training three days a week and having two days doing longer cardio sessions. I also started cycling recently and am training for the 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

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The Reward: I have more energy. I do a full workout in the morning and still concentrate at work longer than I could a few months ago. I feel great and that has had a huge affect on my attitude. The only down side? I have to buy new clothes. But that’s not a problem.

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