Are You Having the Right Amount of Sex for Your Health?

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Sex & Love

Ever wondered if there could be such a thing as having too little or too much sex? We have gathered some intel to let you know just how many times per month you should dabble between the sheets.

Did you know:

  • On average, South African men have sex four times a month. Room for improvement.
  • Yoga is proven to boost sex drive.
  • Too much exercise can be as bad for your libido as too little.

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Too Much

20 times a month? The guys at the University of Nottingham found that your risk of later-life prostate cancer increases.

Too Little

Once a month? Barely getting any can double your risk of a heart attack, according to the American Journal of Cardiology.

Just Right

That would be 8-15 times a month, researchers at the University of New England Research Institute say that regular “vitamin S” boosts immunity by around a third.

Want More Sex?

If the frequency of your bedtime activities is on a slump, there are ways to turn things around. Try this and reap the rewards:

Correct that Message

Proofread before hitting “send.” Nearly two-thirds of women polled by the dating site Zoosk said they’d be more likely to decline a date if the message had spelling and grammar errors. Mistakes make you look low-class, says Jay Heinrichs, author of Word Hero. “Grammar is the code that the elite—those with money and power—use to recognise each other.”

The Pic She Wants To See

Your shirtless selfie from that Zanzibar trip? Lose it. Women tend to favour a profile photo that exudes pride, suggests a survey from the online dating site DatingFound, which compiled single women’s responses to 5 532 photos of single men. The pose they found most appealing: standing with your chest expanded, arms crossed and head tilted up. Lookin’ good.

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Go on a Second Date if You Didn’t Feel the Sparks the First Time

Yes, it is worth it. For one thing, you’re bound to have a better time. On that first date, she may have been holding back; women in particular are taught early on not to talk to strangers. So if the first date rated a 7, call her back, and be observant this time. Watch for admirable qualities, like friendliness, humour and especially optimism. After all, she’s going out with you again, right? Share a family story or ask if she has a photo of her cat. You can gauge empathy, and deeper exchanges can lead to carnal feelings. —Robert Gordon, author of I Love You Madly!

Fake It Until You Make It

Think you’re the only guy who’s faked an orgasm? Hardly. In one study, men who admitted faking it did so in more than a quarter of their sexual encounters. It can actually help your relationship —you’re making her feel better by showing her you enjoy what she’s doing.

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