All New Braun Stylers & Trimmers. New Line-Up, No Limits! 100% Control of Your Style

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The complete package has arrived. Upgrade your style with the all new range of All-in-One Grooming Kits, Beard Trimmers, Body Groomers and Hair Clippers.

Find the best Braun product for every need. Designed in Germany. Durable premium quality.

Professional Beard Trimmers. Look barber fresh every day.

Up to 40 precision length settings for any beard length or style. Trim confidently at home, long & short, with styling tools that help you achieve even trims and precise details for great finishes. AutoSense technology adapts to any beard length or density. The ultra-sharp blade evenly trims any beard for precise styling at home, even tricky hairs, to fade, contour & edge. Choose from 40-length settings in 0.5 mm precise steps with the precision wheel for 100% control at your fingertips. Detail or define your style.

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With washable heads and combs for easy cleaning and 50-minute cordless operation (Series 3) to 100% waterproof trimmers to use in the shower or at the sink, with a zipper bag for bathroom storage (Series 5) and charging stand (Series 7) with 100 minutes cordless runtime and lifetime sharp blades.

Multi-Grooming All-in-one Kits. Complete style from head to toe.

Achieve the look you want for your beard, hair, and body. With up to 12 tools and 40 precise lengths for your beard, body, hair & facial grooming, the All-in-One Multi-Grooming Trimmer Kit is the one styler that truly does it all. Curated tools for beard, ear & nose trimming, hair clipping and manscaping your whole body.

The ultra-sharp blade is efficient in every stroke, even in tricky areas for great finishes and comfortable all-over body grooming. Get great results on any hair length with fixed and sliding combs for beard & hair. With washable heads and combs plus a cleaning brush (Series 3), waterproof devices (Series 5/7) and up to 100-minute cordless runtime. Including an ear & nose trimmer (Series 5) and body groomer (Series 7) for full body style, lifetime sharp metal ProBlade, an organiser case and a charging stand for bathroom storage.

Body Groomers. Gentle on the skin. Even in the most sensitive areas.

Trim and maintain body hair with confidence from underarms & chest to legs & groin. Built-in SkinShield technology and sensitive comb protect against nicks and cuts, even whilst body trimming in sensitive areas. The Sensitive Comb prevents the trimming head from coming into contact with the skin. Long-lasting blades that cut through hair without pulling and tugging and up to 100 minutes of cordless runtime for ultimate skin comfort.

Choose from the 1mm fixed comb, or 3 – 11mm sliding comb or opt for the Clean Shave Attachment for smooth-looking skin.

Fully waterproof for use in the shower, the device is easily cleaned under running water for hygienic operation. Designed to be rust-free with an extra grip handle.

Hair Clippers. Effortless hairstyle at home.

The lifetime, ultra-sharp blades make hair trimming at home quick and easy—no matter the length or thickness. Powerful performance and designed for versatile styles that cut easily through any hair type. Cordless operation with 50 minutes runtime and 5 minutes quick charge.

Crop, trim short or long, contour & edge with up to 17 precise length settings. The ergonomic handle with rubberised grip is comfortable and the device can be easily cleaned under running water. Use Memory SafetyLock to remember the last used setting for exact length control. Easily achieve your hairstyle from home.

Featuring 9 length comb settings from 3 – 24mm (Series 5310) or 17 length comb settings from 3 – 35mm (Series 5330) to get the style you want. Makes a great gift for men or women.

Styling & Trimmer Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a clipper, trimmer & groomer?

When it comes to styling the are different tools to achieve the best results according to your style and goals. One can generally distinguish between 3 different types: Clippers, trimmers and groomers. Hair clippers are primarily designed to cut your scalp hair. They usually have wide and long combs to be able to cut a lot of hair efficiently. Beard trimmers are designed to style your facial hair. Beard trimmers offer better precision and more styling options via different attachments. Body groomers serve to trim and remove hair from your body, such as the chest, back, arms, legs and intimate areas. We recommend avoiding razors and rather using body trimmers on your body to minimise constant blade replenishment, messy cream or gel application, razor burn and nicks or cuts.

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Should I trim before I shave?

 If you want to achieve a clean result when shaving your facial or body hair, we recommend first trimming the hair down to a shorter length (<2mm). Shaver’s are primarily designed to cut shorter hair. By trimming down before clean shaving, you can save a lot of time and effort.

Can the same trimmer be used for pubic hair and facial hair?

 We recommend using separate devices for facial and body hair. You can use a beard trimmer for your facial hair and use a body groomer as a separate device for your body hair. Alternatively, Grooming Kits offer different attachments according to the area that you want to treat. For hygienic reasons, we recommend that you clean the attachments thoroughly each time before using them on another body area.

Body groomers come with attachments that move more smoothly over skin to minimise cuts & irritation, with various guard lengths. Beard Trimmers include specific attachments for detailing and shaping facial hair, such as moustaches and sideburns.

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Can a trimmer be used for underarms?

 For trimming underarms, we recommend using a Body Groomer or Grooming Kit that has attachments specifically designed for this area.

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