Alan Ritchson Eats 4,000 Calories a Day to Stay in Reacher Shape

by | Jun 3, 2024 | Fitness

Alan Ritchson is most definitely returning for a third season of Reacher on Prime, and let’s be honest, probably several more after that: the action drama series is showing no sign of waning in popularity, and it’s hardly as if author Lee Child has a paucity of Jack Reacher novels to adapt.

Ritchson has just revealed that Season 3 of Reacher will be based on the book Persuader, and with filming already underway, he will be busy working out on set to maintain that trademark hulking physique. In a recent conversation with Michael Rosenbaum on the Inside of You podcast, the actor opened up about his training, and revealed one of the downsides to being so swole.

“I’m wearing a lot of weight for the role of Reacher,” he said, explaining that he weighs somewhere between 109 and 111 Kgs during filming, and that this makes cardio activity considerably more difficult for him.

“The lung capacity feels like I just can’t keep up,” he said. “I did sprints this morning and it’s just amazing I’m really winded. I’m trying to get a lot of oxygen to a lot of muscles… If I’m climbing up a hill, it’s a little bit like doing lunges for 20 minutes straight. For most people, throw 280 on your shoulders and do 20 minutes of lunges, your muscles are going to explode.

“You’ve got to make adjustments when you’re wearing this kind of size,” he added.

Of course, you don’t pack on that much mass without increasing your food intake, and Ritchson stated that he’s currently eating “just shy of 4,000 calories a day” to stay so big—but that comes with its own potential disadvantages.

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“If I stop working out for a little bit, and I’m still on that, I’ve trained my body to eat 4,000 calories a day, it would take me about three weeks to blow up,” he said. “So it does take a lot of consistency. I work out about five days a week. It’s got to be a lifestyle.”

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From: Men’s Health US

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