Add These Oils To Your Daily Grooming Routine For Healthy Skin

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Style & Grooming

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Skin loves oil.

Skincare oils are nothing new. In fact the origin of skincare began with oils in 3 000 BC in ancient Egypt, when grooming was a luxury, made available to the wealthy few. During the Industrial Revolution however, oils were combined with water to make it affordable and accessible to the masses. Given that oil and water do not mix, the product was then stabilized using emulsifiers, resulting in a cream or lotion.

Cosmetic scientist and owner of Cosmetic Solutions, John Knowlton explains; “it is the oil in a cream or lotion that confers the beneficial effects on the skin and the water fraction has no value whatsoever, other than to provide an aesthetically pleasing way of applying the product to the skin’s surface. Thus, if a pure oil, or a mixture of oils, is applied to the skin directly, a much more potent result is normally obtained, as there is no water present to dilute the beneficial effects of the oils themselves.”

The outermost layer of the skin is an oily layer. Its purpose is to hold moisture in the skin; an important function because moisture facilitates enzyme activity, which in turn leads to healthy, radiant skin. There are however occasions when moisture does escape. The main culprit is daily washing with soap, which strips away the skin’s oily layer. Another is a dry climate, which draws moisture from the skin into the outside air. Also, as the skin ages it produces less oil and it becomes harder to hold moisture in the skin. It is not possible to replace lost moisture by applying moisture to the skin as the skin’s moisture comes from within. The advantage of using oil in everyday skincare is that the skin’s natural oily layer is continually supplemented.

Developed by the makers of Bio-Oil, Lipidol is the world’s first range of oils for daily skincare. The range consists of two wash-off products – a Cleansing Face Oil and Cleansing Body Oil – that wash off dirt without stripping the oily layer; and four leave-on products – an After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil (SPF 20), After Shave Oil and Overnight Face Oil – that substitute the skin’s natural oily layer to help retain its moisture.

All the products in the range have been fragranced using essential oils and dyed using natural plant extracts. Lipidol has been independently tested and found to be suitable for sensitive skin and is non-comedogenic.

Lipidol is exclusively available at selected Clicks stores and retail from R89.95 each. Click here to purchase Lipidol through Clicks’ online store.

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This post is sponsored by Lipidol

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