7 Sex Positions You Need To Try Now

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Sex & Love

To add a little spice and excitement to your intimate moments, here are some recommended sexual positions that can be explored without the need for extensive physical preparation, although some may require a moderate level of fitness. Note that these positions are unsuitable for quick encounters and may require some experimentation and communication with your partner to find the right level of comfort and pleasure.

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Tight Squeeze

Perfect for when you’re feeling physically tired but still want to engage in sexual activity. In this position, the penetrating partner takes their partner from behind while lying on top of them with their full weight. It involves gentle movements but provides intense sensations. The person being penetrated should lie flat on their front with their legs together. The penetrating partner needs to lift some weight off to manoeuvre in and out slowly. Remember to use lube or engage in foreplay to reduce friction and enhance pleasure.

The G-Whiz

This position aims to stimulate a woman’s G-spot (although its existence is not scientifically proven) and can be enjoyed by gay couples as well. The person being penetrated lies on their back with their legs resting on their kneeling partner’s shoulders. For extra support during thrusting, the person being penetrated can rest their feet on their partner’s chest, but it’s essential to be gentle and start slowly. Don’t forget to use your hands for additional stimulation.

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The Pretzel

If you’re looking for a more exciting alternative between missionary and doggy styles, The Pretzel is a perfect option. It combines deep penetration from behind with the intimate eye contact of the missionary position. It’s relatively easy to master and doesn’t require much effort for the person lying down. The person being penetrated lies on their side with their bottom leg curled behind them, while their top leg wraps around their partner, who kneels with their legs straddling the receiving person’s body. The penetrating partner can use their hands for extra support and deeper thrusting.

The Wheelbarrow

This position is ideal for those who enjoy deep penetration and a focus on the buttocks. It offers both an easier and more challenging variation. In the harder version, one partner places their hands on the floor while wrapping their legs around the waist of the other person, who stands above the penetrating partner. For a more accessible option known as the Seated Wheelbarrow, the penetrating partner can sit down instead. This position requires a moderate level of fitness and is not recommended for quick encounters.

The Sofa Edge

For a quick burst of pleasure on the sofa, this position requires minimal effort from the penetrating partner. Simply sit down, legs open wide on either side, while your partner straddles you on top. This position allows for deep penetration and spontaneity, making it perfect for a pleasurable and time-efficient encounter.

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This position is ideal for a passive receiver and a penetrating partner who wants to engage their leg muscles. The person being penetrated lies on their side at the edge of the bed with their back facing their partner. The penetrating partner stands behind, straddling the person lying down, and can adjust the intensity of thrusting. If the person being penetrated wants to participate more actively, they can match their partner’s rhythm with their own thrusting. This position offers deep and varied penetration from behind.


This position has two names depending on the couple’s gender: Amazon for straight couples and Warrior for gay couples. In both cases, the penetrating partner lies flat on their back and lifts their legs into a tabletop position. The partner being penetrated then squats down to be penetrated and rests their knees on either side of their partner’s body. If the person on the bottom has sufficient core strength, they can lift themselves up for a closer embrace.

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Exploring different sexual positions can be an exciting and pleasurable journey for couples, helping them deepen their intimacy and strengthen their connections. It is essential to remember that sexual pleasure is highly individual and varies from person to person. Communication, trust, and consent are crucial for a fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experience. Experimenting with various positions and discovering what works best for you and your partner is a process of self-discovery and shared exploration. Embrace the adventure and create a safe space for open dialogue about desires, boundaries, and fantasies, all while prioritising mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

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