2 Yoga Poses For A Whole-Body Orgasm

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If you think the Kama Sutra is a book about how to have titillating sex, think again.

According to Derek Beres, a New York City yoga teacher, it’s chauvinistic (player leaves his wife at home after 100 years of meditation and has his way with nymph du jour). “It’s not meant to be written about, but to be experienced,” Beres says.

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Agreed. Let’s get to it.

“While having sex, the male should not ejaculate immediately,” Beres says. When you feel the urge, you should draw the semen in and up as opposed to allowing it to exit: You draw your “energy”—your “life force”—back to you.

The result: whole-body orgasm rather than the toe tingling or collision of your body into hers in a mad I’m almost there get off fest. Ironically, your best climax results when “the goal is exploring the other person, not achieving the end,” Beres says.

In yoga there are poses that teach men to draw your energy inward as opposed to spending it in explosive ways such as at the end of a wind sprint or when trying to jump like Luvo Manyonga. The practical application here is gaining control so that your mind is razor-sharp. This type of self-control can result in improved job performance and a sudden meteoric rise.

If you want to do some more research on yoga and sex, be warned: Beres says some texts advise one ejaculation per every 100 sexual encounter. “But that’s a little extreme (and bad for the prostrate),” he says.

Chair Pose

1. Stand in Mountain pose: Arms at sides, sternum lifted. Bend your knees deeply. Squeeze your inner thighs together and straighten your arms, lifting them above your head and stretching your fingertips toward the sky.

2. Accentuate the lift in your arms and chest so your upper spine is in a slight backbend. Tuck your pelvis. Shoot for 10 breaths. Feel that butt-burn?

Hint: Lift your toes up off the floor, squat deeper, and press your heels into the floor to get greater benefits from the pose.

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Camel Pose

1. Kneeling, with your body erect, check your alignment, making sure your knees are directly beneath your hips and curling your toes under (deviate from photo to begin). Stack your hips on top of your knees, your shoulders atop your hips, and your ears atop your shoulders.

2. Place the palms of your hands on the small of your back, fingertips facing up. If that is uncomfortable, your fingertips can face the floor.

3. As you inhale, inflate your chest and feel your breastbone ride, floating your ribcage up and off your waist.

4. Then continue to lift your upper back up and over an imaginary ball behind you until you begin to reach one hand and then the other toward your heels. You should arrive in your deepest arch only in your upper back when both hands rest comfortably on your heels or props.

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5. Take five full, complete breaths, letting your head drop back; if that strains your neck, tuck your chin and relax your face muscles. Keep your pelvis and thighs moving forward so your legs are lengthening.

6. To come back up, bring both hands to your low back, and on one inhale use your core to lift your body until it is erect. Move into child’s pose for five breaths to counteract this backbend.

Hint: If you cannot reach to your heels, put tall blocks or firm pillows next to your ankles, or curl your toes under in order to keep the weight forward so that the backbend stays in your upper chest.

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