10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Weight-Loss

You can stage a coup on kilojoules and lose weight without ruining your life or eating a single rice cake: Just follow this simple advice. You might even be surprised by how easy (and delicious) some of these tips are to follow.

1. Always Eat a Big Breakfast

No more Fruit Loops–you want some protein and fat. Scrambled eggs and a few sausage links will keep you fuller longer than an airy doughnut will.

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2. Eat More!

We’re talking three good snacks and three healthy meals. But what do you serve during the rugby game if you can’t have chips and dip? Mixed nuts—especially almonds—will satisfy your craving for something crunchy while helping to build muscle.

3. Just Say No To Starches

Foods like pasta, white bread, and potatoes make you fat. If you must have pasta, make yours whole-wheat. Same goes for bread, and swap white potatoes for sweet potatoes. Just don’t eat too much!

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4. Lift Weights to Lose Weight

Yes, you have to hit the gym to lose weight, and no, lifting beer cans during happy hour doesn’t count. The muscles you build will not only improve your performance, they’ll stoke your metabolism so you burn kilojoules long after your workout is over.

5. Think Before You Eat

Don’t just stuff your face with the stale cookies left over from the holidays, eat what tastes good and what’s good for you. Take your time eating; you’ll stay fuller for longer.

6. But Have Fun Once in a While—or Once a Week

Stifle those cravings for too long, and you’ll be miserable and might fall off your new plan forever. Just splurge reasonably—two slices of pizza, not the whole thing.

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7. Go Low-Carb to Lose Weight

It’s the easiest way to drop weight fast. The cravings are hard at first, but it gets easier—especially when you see the results.

8. Run Intervals

It’s easier to alternate between hard and easy running instead of going for a long run—especially if you don’t like running. Plus, you’ll be done faster and burn more fat. Break your speed limits by boosting your speed with intervals. You’ll not only get faster, but your gut will flatten in no-time.

9. Never, Ever Drink Sweetened Soda

But go ahead, have a glass of wine now and then. Low-carb beer is fine, too, in moderation.

10. Don’t Fear Fat to Lose Weight

It makes you feel full, helps control your appetite, and your body needs it. Of course, some fat is good while others are bad.

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